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Loose Booty
Co-curated with Pascal Rousson

VEGAS Gallery, London
24 Jan - 16 Feb 2008

Freestudios, Geneva
13 March - 24 March 2008

K3 Project Space, Zurich
27 September - 5 October 2008

Combining artists based in London and Geneva, Loose Booty presents a wide variety of works made mostly from material borrowed or simply taken in order to create the new. Set adjacent to Brick Lane, the exhibition uses the vernacular of the street market as a mode of presenting seven artists who source, then manipulate their material surroundings. Participating are Alexandre Bianchini, Jeff McMillan, Sylvie Rodriguez, Pascal Rousson, Guy Sherwin, Eileen Simpson & Ben White.

Alexandre Bianchini
Jeff McMillan
Pascal Rousson
Guy Sherwin
Eileen Simpson & Ben White