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PEARL was a project space located in Shoreditch in the East End of London, active from 2001-2004. Behind a Victorian facade in what was once a printer's workshop, American artist Jeff McMillan hosted and curated this occasional project / exhibition space in his studio. The projects at PEARL took the form of interventions, collaborations and one-day events as well as group and individual exhibitions by artists from both sides of the Atlantic, some well known, others previously unseen...

Nov / Dec 2001
David Batchelor | Ana Prada | Hills Snyder

Spookie Knowledge
Feb / March 2002
Painter Chuckie | Polly Apfelbaum

John Smith
May / June 2002

Water Lilies: A Mass Christening
Oct 2002
Reverand Ethan Acres

Reverse Engineering
Nov / Dec 2002
Rose Wylie | Graham Mears | Jake Clark | Kiera Bennett

Oct 2003
Richard Wentworth | Jeff McMillan | Jefford Horrigan | Pedro Cabrita Reis | Armando Andrade Tudela

Rancho Notorious
Nov / Dec 2003
Albert Freeman | John Isaacs | Graeme Miller | Cornelia Parker | Pascal Rousson | Richard Woods

One Night Stand
9 Feb 2004
Eleven London artists shown for one night in the El Montan Motor Hotel, San Antonio, Texas